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The benefit of variable service level agreements

Posted by HarmonyPSA on Oct 23, 2017 10:12:47 AM

At some time or other, it’s happened to all of us. You have your coat on and are the last person walking out of the door at the end of the day when the phone rings. Obviously you answer it, customers come first after all.

The person on the line has a problem and it’s urgent, must be fixed now. Actually the problem may well not be urgent, but when did a customer ever admit that? No matter that the SLA allows you 20 minutes for first response, you’re on the phone now so off comes the coat and you’re looking into how to get them up and running again.

So, how to you manage the situation where your plans (or priorities) are disrupted by a needy customer who won’t admit their problem is just not urgent?

Well, one model is to apply a variable SLA to the situation, meaning one charge for fixing it now, vs a lower charge for waiting until the morning.

So, let’s look at the situation again:

You answer the call and they tell you how dire the situation is and it must be fixed immediately! This time you reply, while raising a ticket:

“I can fix this now if you wish, but for that level of response, the charge against your fund will be 8 tokens. Or, if you don’t mind waiting until first thing tomorrow (or Monday morning if this is a Friday) and I’ll fix it for a charge of 2 tokens. Which would you like me to do?”

Suddenly, the situation de-escalates, what was vital to be fixed immediately, can probably now wait until tomorrow. This is the power of variable SLAs in defusing a situation and helping you manage needy customer. Let them be prepared to pay up or wait.

Unfortunately, for this option to be viable, your PSA system needs to support this operating model and most don’t.

Harmony does.

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