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Company growing pains

You have reached the stage in the maturity of the business where you have a solid customer base. Your revenue is now less volatile as an increasing percentage is based on support-revenue arrangements. Following current trends in the industry, you are looking at, or already offering, hosted cloud-based solutions with no up-front license fees but more long-term revenue stability. Things should be getting easier.

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Growing Pains in Small Businesses

The good news is that after all the years of sweat and investment, your product is finally getting some sales traction. Customers are signing up and going live. The money is flowing back in at last and the operating model is shifting focus to multi-customer support and regular billing. The bad news is that this shift in emphasis delivers contact management requirements and complexity. The first few contacts are easy, you can remember them in your head, but once you get into double figures, this gets more and more complicated and things get missed. You can’t afford to hire a finance department yet, so you do it yourself, adding more administrative burden to a busy schedule, and still things get missed. Each new account, in particular in the early days, probably contained special conditions and concessions, anything to get them on board. As your product gains maturity and wider traction, this needs to be stamped out or you’ll drown in bespoke contract drafting and one-off billing models. You know this, but the habits are hard to break.

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Revenue leakage

Some software promises to improve your sales, some to save you money. But software doesn’t make sales, people do, and cost savings are notoriously hard to deliver. Harmony is different. Harmony won’t make your salesman a better closer or necessarily save you any money. What it will do is help you manage the complexities of life in the software industry so that you are more efficient and revenue leakage is stopped.

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Welcome to the Harmony blog

Every product needs a blog right? Well this is the one for Harmony; the complete PSA solution for IT and services companies.  Harmony has been built by IT professionals for IT professionals. From the ground up Harmony has been built to support the unique business processes which underpin our industry.

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