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1.8 Release Notes

  • 2 minute read


Not a huge release this one, however we have now added the extremely useful feature of being able to create custom filters for the main object search lists. These can then be used as work lists.

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1.7 Release Notes

  • 2 minute read

1.7 will be going out tonight. Not a huge release, but it does open up the possibility of using just the timesheet and expense functionality in Harmony. This still gives some very interesting MIS which will be the subject of a future blog post. Enjoy!

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1.6.2 Release Notes

  • 1 minute read

Hot on the heels of release 1.6 comes 1.6.2 with the 1.6.1 rollup notes:

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1.6 Release Notes

  • 6 minute read

A bit late I am afraid. This was released last week.

Rather a large release though...
It includes some reworks which helps make project profitability reporting very powerful. See further enhancements on this soon.

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