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1.13 Release Notes


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1.12 Release Notes

Not a huge release this week. This is mostly a bug fix release with various fixes around the accounting area of the application.

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1.11 Release Notes


IMPORTANT! There has been major javascript and style changes in this release. After logging in please hold down Ctrl and press F5. Then do it again. This makes sure you get the latest versions of these files. Otherwise the pages may look a bit strange.

Hi All

Here are some of the main changes in the 1.11 release:

  • Buttons are now at the top and bottoms of the forms so layout is a bit easier to navigate
  • You can now create rate based expense categories. This means you can now model mileage claims in Harmony
  • Large performance improvements especially around invoicing
  • You can now select an activity type on a task and there is a natty new portlet showing a pie chart of time booked broken down by these types
  • Various other usability performances
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