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1.16 Release Notes

As usual, this week's release includes a selection of new features and bug fixes.

The main new feature you should be aware of are:

  • Customer Activity Tab - shows all financial activity (invoices, payments etc) for a customer and their current account balance
  • Support Tasks - create tasks against recurring income schedules for people to book time against. This enable you to relate time spent to income generated by support activities
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1.15 Release Notes

This is a larger release than usual so has taken a few weeks to get through testing.  The main points are:

  • Custom Fields! - We now have custom fields on the main entities in Harmony.  Documentation will follow but please contact us in the meantime if you want taking through it
  • All currency values are multi currency - Not something you would notice but now all monetary values in Harmony are stored along with a date, a base currency and an instance currency equivalent
  • Payment processing - A major refactor. And you can do much more with it now
  • Schedule cancellation - Now deferred revenue management is done for you when cancelling schedules
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