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1.33 Release Notes

Hi All

1.33 has started rolling out to your instances. This includes a number of enhancements to the ticketing area plus greater flexibility in managing recurring income schedules.


RefNumber Type Name
#20130501.5 Bug Can not parse EnumLoadType LoadProfitAndLossAccounts error when uploading anything
#20130501.4 Feature Contracted SLA Limit
#20130501.2 Bug System.Exception: Error was: Value cannot be null
#20130429.30 Feature Need to add a checkbox in setup giving ability to order view of account code and description
#20130426.4 Bug Money values are in different currencies
#20130426.2 Feature Improve "Parent Company" functionality
#20130424.5 Feature We need to add Site to ticket contractuals and assets
#20130522.3 Bug Absence Request Grid does not sort by Start or End dates
#20130416.12 Feature Document Consolidation
#20130521.4 Bug Ticket Search not working.
#20130326.8 Bug Icon on project task dropdown
#20130516.14 Feature Ability to archive (and un-archive) project as a whole
#20130515.12 Feature Description needed on scheduling tickets
#20130515.6 Bug IE9: IE Crash when clicking on Tickets menu buttons.
#20130514.13 Bug Uploading customers bug
#20130514.11 Bug Unable to change contact on quote in Chrome
#20130514.3 Bug Archived users still get emails
#20130510.17 Feature Improved asset search popup
#20130509.16 Feature Need contact details on ticket overview page
#20130509.14 Feature Mandatory flag on custom fields
#20130509.13 Feature Ability to search for values that do not have a value
#20130509.7 Feature Attachments to comments
#20130509.6 Bug Overhead codes not available on ticket creation
#20130507.20 Bug NHibernate.Exceptions.GenericADOException: could not execute query
#20130507.16 Feature Add help notes to consumption contract billing
#20130507.15 Bug Remove cost codes from add orderline screen
#20130507.8 Bug "Quote about to Expire" email
#20130503.10 Bug Error when saving custom fields
#20130502.28 Feature Asset hierarchies
#20130502.20 Feature Invoice Listing in Project Folders
#20130502.9 Bug Creating opportunity with new customer throws error
#20130502.6 Feature Ability for person in Human Resources role to set user's password for them
#20130501.8 Bug unititialised instance error
#20130501.7 Bug second intialization form error
#20130524.16 Feature Reset schedules
#20130515.8 Feature Reversal of indexation (CPI/RPI) on schedules
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