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Purchase Orders in HarmonyPSA

In January, Harmony will release a significant upgrade to its purchase order functionality. Purchase order processing is integrated in Harmony in a number of ways.  Any sales order line (or the product it is based on) can have multiple purchase order lines related to it.  The flexibility that Harmony supports on the sales side is fully modelled on the purchase side, if you can think of a way of selling, you can also model that way of buying!  In addition, just as with the sales line, if the product has a support agreement, the recurring nature of the contract is also modelled.

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B2B Marketing Metrics for Technology Companies

Tech companies spend around 10% of their overall budgets on marketing*, but do businesses always know the true return on their investment?  In recent blog I read that just 6% of B2B leaders say that they frequently calculate ROI, while 17% say they never do.  So why is this? The ability to report on campaign outcomes increases visibility and allows real improvements to the effectiveness of marketing spend.  The first hurdle is selecting the right metrics, and the second, putting the processes in place to ensure access to the data required.

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New Features to Streamline Billing for MSPs

The debate continues to rage as to whether managed services providers should develop price-per-user or price-per-device business models. With the increased usage of BYOD, and the proliferation of tablets and smart phones being used alongside laptops and desktops, many MSPs are leaning towards pricing per user rather than device.  However, whichever model is preferred; the variable nature of volume based pricing can make accurate monthly billing a headache. We have been working with a number of MSPs to model their businesses to ensure that Harmony works to help MSPs maximise monthly recurring revenues through intelligently streamlined billing processes.

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