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Defining your PSA software needs

A crucial part of your journey to selecting and implementing a PSA system into your business is the definition of your functional requirements.  To help with this process we have defined seven key stages of growth and outlined functional capabilities required at each stage.  First, identify your stage of growth and then use our Capability Map as a functional checklist.

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Turn your data into business intelligence

Turn your data into business intelligence to better inform your business decisions and pave the way for your business' growth.

Workforce Efficiency

Capture all billable hours to evaluate workforce efficiency rates. Non-billable hours are still important to keep the business running smoothly. However, it is necessary to balance them out in order to control margin. Find out which customers yield a revenue stream that exceeds the costs and which don’t.

The ability to see your ticket completion rates by issue type, source and priority will show you exactly where the bottle necks are so that you can eliminate them. Keeping an eye on changes in your backlog volume will help identify any process issues that need to be tackled, improve workflow and reduce the risk of 'lost' tickets.

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Building in quality as early as possible

Whatever you sell, if has to be delivered, invoiced and accounted for.  If it contains bought-in components, they also have to be ordered, shipped and paid for.  If it includes a support or period-based services element then that has to be accounted for over the service period and that means the deferred revenue accounting has to be right.  All these terms and conditions may be on your standard terms, they may be written on the order, expressed verbally, or they may be spelt out on the contract the customer/supplier executes.

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Matched period accounting without accruals

If your business does a lot of reselling of goods or services, one of the key issues you will be facing is ensuring the costs hit your P&L account in the same period and in the same proportion as your revenue.  If you don’t achieve this, you will end up with monthly swings in either revenue or costs of goods that upset your monthly P&L figures and alarm or falsely delight your senior management.  This is not good.

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5 tips to maximise billable time

Is your business losing billable time? You may be amazed at the extent. You’ve done all the hard work, so why let it evaporate away? Even a marginal increase in billable time can make a substantial impact on your bottom line. Here are a few tips to help you increase billable time in 2014.
  1. Accurate time keeping  

Differences in ‘time spent’ and ‘time tracked’ can lead to loss of profit. All time spent must be recorded or you will lose legitimate billable time and the associated potential profit.  

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1.38 Release Notes - New UI!


Hi All This is a big one. We are pleased to note that this release includes a completely updated user interface for Harmony PSA. The new new interface is HTML5, fluid and responsive. For the less techy amongst you, this means that it uses screen real estate better, re-arranges itself when used on small screens like on phones, and, well, looks nicer!

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Integration with CRM Systems

Does it integrate with [insert CRM system name]?

This is one question we are commonly asked at the beginning of a new engagement.  Often the particular CRM system name being a household one you will all be aware of.  It made me think why the world (or rather sales people) is/are so wedded to independent CRM solutions when the idea is such a fundamentally bad one.

Let’s go back to basics.  A CRM system is there to help you make sales to both new and existing customers and also to retain existing customers.  Well, really the latter is just about trying to upsell them more stuff so it’s back to making sales.

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