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Understand who is making a financial contribution to your business

  • 3 minute read

Technology and professional services businesses spend over 70% of their fixed budget on staff.  However, the connection between their revenue streams and employment spend are often very hard to analyse and even harder to optimise.

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R&D tax relief for IT

  • 1 minute read

Research and Development (R&D) tax relief is a corporation tax credit relief that’s specifically formulated to reduce your company or organisation’s research and development costs. Although it has been around since 2000 there are still many companies either not claiming R&D relief at all or not claiming their full entitlement.

The tax relief on allowable R&D costs is 225% - that is, for each £100 of qualifying costs, your company or organisation could have the income on which corporation tax is paid reduced by an additional £125 on top of the £100 spent. It also includes a payable credit in some circumstances. The average claim in the UK is over £40k.

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1.44 Release Notes

  • 5 minute read


Release 1.44 has been released with some great new features that make navigation around Harmony even easier.

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1.43.2 Release Notes

  • 1 minute read

The Release 1.43.2 focused on improving user friendliness.

  • A status field is added to schedule the annual report so that you can  filter by or sort by the status.
  • Improved display of Contact custom fields in the contractuals screen.
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1.43.1 Release Notes

  • 2 minute read
Release 1.43.1 has started rolling out to your instances. This is not a big release but a few interesting features have been added.You now have the ability to see the status of the Harmony background services which run with your instance.There are two services;
  • Email Service - This picks up emails from external POP accounts and uses them to create Tickets, Notes and Comments
  • Subscriber Service - This service picks up asynchronous long running jobs such as when you request all expense receipts backing up an invoice to be emailed to you.
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Do I need a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool?

  • 2 minute read

PSA software is designed for service-oriented organizations needing to automate their processes and streamline their operations, increasing control and visibility of billing, administration, service delivery and new business generation. PSA software is essentially enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for professional services firms. However, it’s focused primarily on the management of services delivered through human resources, rather than tangible assets.

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1.43 Release Notes

  • 4 minute read
Hi All We are pleased to announce release 1.43. 
There are some important changes in this release so please read below.


New ticket statistics portlet

There is a new portlet available in your portlet library to add to your home page.  This is a very useful one so check it out. You can add it by clicking on the cogs on the top right of your home page.
This chart shows you either for the last 12 weeks or last 12 months:
  • The number of tickets opened in that period
  • The number of tickets closed in that period
  • The total number of tickets which were live in that period
You can filter the chart by team, ticket type, category or any combination of the three.
Now it is much easier to see if your backlog of support calls or work is increasing or decreasing over time. Useful!



QuoteOrder Layout  - more flexibility and improved clarity


We have added an extra option when build your quotes and orders where you can customise exactly what you are going to show for that particular document when it is printed. It is under the Print dropdown button and is called Change Print Options
This will bring up the following options:
All the options available here can be defaulted at a system wide level in Finance > Setup > Control > Defaults.
The available options allow you to:
  • Customise the headers for the Purchases, Rates and Recurring Charges headings
  • Customise the total line labels for each of these areas
  • Choose whether to show various columns which you may or may not want to reflect on the quote
  • Set proposal text specific to this quote
Other changes to the layout of quotes and orders to be aware of:
  • For recurring costs that have a time dimension such as support charges, unit prices are now expressed with the time dimension included e.g. Per UserMonth
  • Intelligent subtotals are created in the case where you have different billing cycles etc for different lines on the quote
  • Recurring contracts for less than 1 year no longer appear in purchases but under Recurring charges but with a blank annual value. This column can be hidden in the print options if required.


Ticket Assigned To has changed how it works

Previously, the fact that when you assigned a ticket to someone a 'responsibility' was used meaning that you could delegate this responsibility.  The down side of this was that when a ticket was closed, the Assigned To had to be cleared so that user in the future could be archived without still having responsibility for many many tickets. This was giving customers problems around comms.
Now the Assigned To is not cleared but delegation is not available. If a customer updates a ticket and the user has been archived the team is notified of the update.
As usual, please let us know of any feedback you have.
Kind Regards
The Harmony Team
RefNumber Type Name
#20140318.4 Feature Ticket statistics over time chart
#20140227.14 Bug Improvements to Schedule Print
#20140225.10 Feature Improvements to placement of Save buttons on tickets
#20131025.15 Feature Asset &Contact missing from Ticket Upload
#20140317.12 Feature Settings for headers and totals, Print options, Term value for recurring charges
#20140319.7 Feature Add number of Related Tickets in ticket tab label
#20140218.32 Feature Missing Closure Reason on Tickets report
#20140319.6 Feature Ticket ownership no longer a responsibility relationship
#20140317.11 Bug Absence Calendar: View & Approve
#20140327.14 Bug Remove Description field from ticket reports
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