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1.45 Release Notes

  • 12 minute read

We have been working hard this month on some key new features and updates:

  • Improved events, action and posts functionality -  brings your calendar onto your homepage with additional clever features designed to help you manage your (and your team's) daily workload more effectively
  • Work scheduler improvements -  additional useful features make the scheduler more user-friendly
  • Improved time booking functionality - you can now add multiple time booking against a project task or ticket on same day
  • Using Basic Authentication to run api calls - use Harmony's RESTful HTTP end points to automate actions in Harmony and to retrieve data out of Harmony
  • Create Alerts and Communicate - create alerts against any objects for effective communication across the system.
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Cloud MSP billing solutions

  • 2 minute read


The market for cloud computing is on fire in the US.  A recent article in MSP Today claimed that in the US, IAAS (infrastructure as a service) is growing at over 40% CAGR between 2001 and 2016.  That’s amazing growth in anyone’s books.

However, the move to the cloud has not seen the death of the MSP market, far from it.  While the traditional and localised break-fix supplier business may be flat-lining or on the decline, customers are finding out that simply moving their business to the cloud does not solve all their problems, it merely puts them somewhere they can’t see.

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Cash Slow? 5 tips to speed up your billing processes and improve cash flow

  • 1 minute read

Bill promptly

Have a good look at your billing processes. Could you be getting your invoices out more quickly? Do you have an automated billing process? Using an automated system to manage your billing will create invoice events automatically, not only to reducing workload, but also making absolutely sure you never forget to charge.

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Is it covered? How to make sure you only provide support when the customer is paying

  • 3 minute read

The Situation

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