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Time to automate management of your quotes and orders?

One of the elements of Harmony on which we get great feedback is our quotes and proposals management functionality.  Used correctly, this functionality can save substantial time and result in the production of more professional looking, consistent quotes.

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1.47 Release Notes

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Advanced global search - navigating your data

Find the global search in the top left of HarmonyPSA's screen
Imagine how much time would be saved if you didn't have to look for anything ever again. Well, we can't promise that we can find your car keys for you but we have thought very hard about making sure that you can quickly and easily access the business information you require in a matter of seconds.
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Azure in Open Licensing

As from the 1st August Microsoft Partners can now buy Azure in Open Licensing.  Prior to this change, there were just two options for purchasing Azure and through the Azure web site or as part of an Enterprise Agreement (EA). The two options available provided no value for Microsoft partners as they were unable to have a direct billing relationship with their customers. With the new Open Licensing option, partners can now buy vouchers which they sell onto their customers, managing the billing and service relationship directly.

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Using Harmony PSA for telecoms style billing

HarmonyPSA is designed to meet the challenges of the general move to multi-tiered volume-based billing models. This is a billing model which has always been common for telecoms companies; a billing model where a rate is agreed and you are billed for what you use. As there has been a general move towards cloud computing, service providers have had to adapt and provide consumption based billing which is more akin to how your classic telecom contract works than your traditional software contract.

This has brought in requirements for an ever-more complex administrative structure to ensure accurate and timely collection of consumption data and calculation of charging and billing information.

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