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Are you easy to do business with?

Being easy to do business with can set you apart, making customer lead generation easier, improving customer retention and building on your reputation.  All of this can make a substantial impact on your bottom line.

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Do you need to integrate your CRM?

One question we are frequently asked is “does Harmony integrate with any CRM tools?”  The answer we give is “No”.  We have not built interfaces to any CRM software, instead we built CRM inside Harmony.

Now, this was not done simply because we like writing software and had nothing better to write, we did it because it makes the whole process far more effective if your CRM tool and your professional services automation (PSA) tool are one and the same.

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Does deferred revenue matter to MSPs?

Deferred revenue, for those not familiar with the phrase, refers to revenue you have invoiced but not earned yet, basically you haven’t completed the work but you have raised the invoice. Now, ISV’s know all about deferred revenue as they frequently invoice software support fees for multiple accounting periods in advance.  They know it is important not to show income spikes when raising invoices that may cover a year’s support fees.

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