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Re-working the WORM - centralised and shared organisational data

  • 2 minute read

What does WORM mean when it’s related to data (as opposed to it’s old use relating to drives). Well it means the same thing, Write Once Read Many, but now the applicability relates to centralised and shared organisational data.

How many customer lists do you have? Typically, we see them contained in your CRM system, your accounting system, your service desk system, your timesheet system and the list can go on...

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1.48 Release Notes

  • 8 minute read


Hi All,

Release 1.48 has started rolling out to your instances with a raft of new features and improvements.

One of the biggest areas of change are the improvements to purchase order management.  See our recent blog post, Improvements to Purchase Orders for a top line description of how the new functionality works.  A full explanation of the new purchase order functionality, with screen-shots and detailed user explanation, will be published shortly in a separate post.

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Time to re-engineer your IT business?

  • 2 minute read

The Holy Grail of business process re-engineering is STP (Straight-Through-Processing) underpinned by the principle of building in quality rather than relying on inspection to deliver low processing error rates.  Put another way, using an emerging phrase of relevance to growing businesses of any size, this approach is sometimes summarised as “high-volume, light-touch processing married to low-volume, high-touch exception management”.

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Improvements to purchase orders

  • 2 minute read

Release 1.48 contains such significant improvements to the management of purchasing we thought it a good topic to blog about.

Process Changes

Harmony still allows you to model multiple purchase orders and PO lines against a single sales line (or item) in any currency you wish, but in addition, it now allows you to switch suppliers after the sales order is released making competitive pricing much easier.

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