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Managing Channel Sales

  • 2 minute read

Customers are simple right?  When you get a new customer, you set them up, do the work and then bill them. You know who they are, they know who you are, simple.

However, when an intermediary (e.g. a VAR) becomes involved, life starts to get more complex and the decisions stack up.

Is the reseller your customer or the reseller’s customer?  Do you only sell to that, let’s call them an End Customer, via your reseller, or do you sometimes also sell direct?

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1.49 Release Notes

  • 9 minute read

Hi All, Release 1.49 has started rolling out to your instances with a raft of new features and improvements.

We are very excited about the launch of Harmony's CRM email integration and our new, improved customer profitability reporting.

Harmony's new customer profitability reporting lets you see how much money you are making from each of your client accounts, you can then drill down to individual projects and contracts. There's no set up or data manipulation required, you are just a click away from full profitability analysis. See our recent blog post, Client and Project Profitability Analysis for an explanation of the calculations behind the new functionality.  An explanation of how get the most from the reports is given below.

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