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Suite vs Best of Breed

Microsoft recently circulated a report by Constellation Research Inc discussing the decision facing organisations when choosing process- and project-centric solutions (PSA and ERP in other words).
The report came down firmly in favour of suite software, something (as a suite provider) we obviously agree with.  However, the reasons they gave are interesting and not ones we’ve heard expressed in this way before and so this has prompted us to share some of these conclusions.
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Thoughts on SITS16

Well,  SITS is over for another year, so it’s time to consider the show and its outcomes.

Overall, to our minds, it was not as busy as last year, in particular on the second day, which was noticeably quieter. Did thoughts of Brexit or the European football championship keep people away I wonder?

The big players in the corporate service desk world were all there with impressive stands, but many quite large channel software vendors had only small stands which, like ours, were scattered round the edges.  As these two markets are quite distinct, it may be better if they are segregated next year so that MSPs can circulate in the channel zone to find what is on offer more easily.

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Feature Friday - Configurable External Hyperlinks; LinkedIn, Facebook, DueDil, anything!

Hi All

We are going to start a regular Friday slot where we highlight new features either released or about to release in HarmonyPSA.

This week we are going to point out our configurable external hyperlinks you can add.

This feature allows you to enter hyperlinks, register them against types of objects in the system, and include dynamic tags using our smart tag system. All fields on the object and directly or indirectly related objects (including custom fields) are available to the smart tags, making it SUPER flexible.

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PSA for ISVs

We’ve been writing a lot recently about MSPs and the uspecific requirements they have from PSA platforms.  So, to change tack, we thought we’d discuss the niche functionality ISVs require, in particular those selling their software as a service from the cloud.

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Announcing our first RMM integration

We're excited to announce we've launched our first integration with an RMM solution, Logicnow’s MAXFocus.

The integration is bidirectional, allowing users to sync customers and assets between the two systems and automate the raising and closing of service desk tickets in HarmonyPSA, from MAXFocus events.

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Managing assets

Reading the SITS16 show guide, as you do…, we see from the Industry Survey that on the three budget-no-object requirements MSPs list is the ability to manage assets.  Thinking this through, we realised that we’d never written a blog post on how well Harmony PSA manages assets. Time to get writing…

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Billing for time

One of the things we notice when talking to customers are the differences that exist between the US and the UK.  In America technology companies generally bill time in hours while in the UK day rates are more common, though in both cases not exclusively so.  I’m not sure why this is, possibly in the US, developers are (like engineers) viewed as technicians and so invoiced hourly, I don’t know.

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