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The benefits of automation

  • 1 minute read

How annoying is it when you find yourself re-keying something, or worse, making a mistake and having to do it a third time?

Just as annoying is being forced by your PSA system to do something unnecessary in order to achieve something necessary.

Why do people write software that contains pointless clicks?

Well, they do it to achieve high degrees of functional re-usability, to keep down the cost of production, reduce complexity in the code: there are many sensible reasons. None of which make it any better when you seem to be wasting your life feeding information into a system all day that it should know already.

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A short guide to using BlueSnap in Harmony

  • 2 minute read

Taking payments using Bluesnap from within Harmony could not be simpler, it breaks down into just four stages:

Stage 1

Open a Bluesnap account. From this account set-up process you will get a Bluesnap API username and a Bluesnap API password.

Save these, you need them in step 2

Stage 2

Connect your Harmony instance to your Bluesnap account. To do this, you go into Finance/Setup/System/Financial Settings and at the bottom of the page you will see fields for the Bluesnap Account name and password you created in Step 1. Insert them and save.

Now you are ready to start collecting money immediately.

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Your customer portal, a marketing opportunity

  • 1 minute read

What does your customer portal say about you?

We’re not sure many people give this question a second thought. They buy a service desk (or PSA) system and it comes with a portal which customers can use to monitor progress on open tickets and generally have a moan.

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Reduce finance administration and unlock your potential for growth

  • 2 minute read

Technology businesses, even quite small ones can be remarkably complex from a billing and contract management perspective.  They need to combine billing events from many different sales models, within a continually changing environment and this is tough, no question.

The result is that they tend to have quite large Finance departments as a percentage of the total company size.  10% may be typical, 15% not unknown, 5% would be considered outstanding.  Now this blog is not anti-Finance, it is about being able to grow your business without that growth driving more non-reimbursable headcount. In other words, over time you can manage down your overhead staffing percentage.  This will dramatically increase your profitability and that has to be good.

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Developing bespoke software? Automate your billing to stay on top of your margins and manage complex projects

  • 2 minute read

As writers of bespoke software ourselves, we understand a core truth, application complexity drives up support costs.

You start with a simple application, it is well designed, tightly written, logical.  You’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that the business process is well represented in the code, supporting this application should be straightforward and so you are happy to fix the support costs.

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