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Harmony v3.15 Release Notes

Hi all,

v3.15 is a large release with a number of important updates. 

 The most important of these are:

  • Invoice editor improvements - the invoice editor now lets you drag and drop between groups and create new groups on the fly making invoice editing much quicker
  • Deferred revenue treatment change - invoices where the revenue is being deferred are now reported as being posted against deferred not revenue.
  • N-central integration - stay posted for an instructional video regarding how to set up this integration
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Harmony v3.14 Release Notes

Hi all,

Harmony v3.14 is now rolling out.

This is another release packed with interesting and useful features. The email attachment size has been increased to 25mb per attachment and Harmony now has integration with Ninja RMM. The much requested recurring ticket functionality has also been added on this version and we have provided quick access to recently viewed items and pages via the Recently Viewed menu.  This includes the ability to pin these items.

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Harmony v3.13 Release Notes

Hi all,

Harmony v3.13 is now ready for release.

The main highlight is the ability to customise the header templates for documents generated by Harmony. On this version it's also possible now to make exports to Sage50 (former PeachTree), drive your pricing on quotes from a markup percentage and maintain your products and price lists via spreadsheet downloads and uploads. This last feature makes it easier to manage large third party price lists you want to maintain within Harmony.

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Harmony v3.12 Release Notes

Hi all,

Harmony v3.12 is now available!

This new release includes (several!) new Features you may find interesting. Among them we have:

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Feature Friday - Device Based Billing

Hi All

One of the new features in 3.10 is device based billing.  This feature allows you to specify contract prices (for example relating to maintenance) for different types of devices, and have Harmony pick up on the number of active devices when billing.  This means you do not need to amend your contracts within Harmony; you just specify on the original order\agreement with the customer the rates you are going to be charging for the devices which are being supported.  As usual this supports "look up" and "fill up" banded pricing mechanisms.

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Harmony v3.10 Release Notes

Hi all,

This new release includes several new features:

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Harmony v3.9 Release Notes

Hi all,

This new release includes several exciting new features. Highlights include:

  • Ability to start timers before tickets are created and have them auto-link to to the ticket once they are committed
  • Ad-hoc timers can now be attached to tickets post creation
  • Long descriptions on quote lines are now possible with full formatting support
  • New site customisation features
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Amazing Integrations #6 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to Slack

Hi Everyone

This latest integration we will be taking you through is a cracker; attaching Harmony to Slack to:

    • Let teams know when new tickets have been created
    • Let the assigned person know when a customer responds updates a ticket by adding a comment/email
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Integration architecture

A key question we get asked a lot is “Does Harmony integrate with xyz?” where xyz either represents a system the prospect uses and loves, or an essential system that does something not forming part of a PSA’s natural footprint, so an accounting system or a monitoring platform.

In all the years of receiving enquiries, we can’t remember one that was more specific than that.

Now, it may seem obvious to a user what integrate with means, but it is not always obvious to us, so let’s break the problem down a little to help understand it better.

Classically, there are at least four kinds of interface (there may be more, but we can immediately think of four which should be enough to make the point):

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The most important question we aim to answer immediately on the first discovery call is: Is HarmonyPSA suitable for my business?

Now, where the enquirer is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) or software business (ISV), we pretty well know that the answer is going to be yes because these are the business types we designed it for.

For these businesses, we have added a wide range of unusual, in some cases unique, niche features to address needs specific to their sector. These are our sweet spot and in most cases we can repeatedly say “Yes, it also does that…” to (what are often) hours of questions.

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