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'Harmony has had a massive impact' Customer Story: Open IP

The first in a new series of blog posts, we chat to our customers, to find out why they love using HarmonyPSA, and how it's helped their business. First up, Natalie Tite from Open IP:

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Meet Ana Correia, customer service manager

Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Harmony? 

I'm the first point of Support contact for Harmony users. My tasks include guiding them through anything they're not sure about, doing the initial troubleshooting, gathering more information for cases that require further investigation and escalate them to 2nd line. I also update Documentation pages that need to be reviewed following changes in Harmony and help with testing fixes and new features.

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HarmonyPSA at SITS16

HarmonyPSA is targeted at a number of verticals within the technology sector, but with SITS16 only a few weeks away, we thought we’d write a blog specifically highlighting the features we have designed to help MSPs manage their businesses without getting buried in administration and finance tasks.

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How much functionality do you REALLY need from your PSA solution?

There has been much discussion recently around the depth of PSA functionality MSPs really need. With recent acquisitions by RMM solutions of relatively simple, lower-functionality PSA tools, the argument being made is that MSPs just need a very simple core of operational and billing tools to run their businesses.
If all the work a company does is on a simple monthly cycle, whether on a time and materials basis, or through a monthly re-pay scheme, the simpler PSA software is fine.
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What's the best PSA software to buy?


What is the best PSA software you can buy if you run a small to medium sized company with offices in more than one country?

It’s a challenge, the SAAS market does not really support your type of business.  You will probably end up buying multiple local single country solutions and implementing a separate consolidation ledger and/or MIS platform to bring it all back-together.

Well, now there is a solution directly targeted at your needs; HarmonyPSA global enterprise. 

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Amazing Integrations #1 : Trigger SMS Alerts from Harmony using Zapier

Welcome to our new series of blogs highlighting integrations with HarmonyPSA that will help streamline your workflow and boost team productivity.

We all suffer from information overload, with so much going on and so much information available its sometimes hard to keep an eye on what really matters.

So, what if you were able to set up SMS text alerts to come to your phone every time something happens in the business that you need to know about?

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Keep up to date on activity across your business, from your smart-phone, tablet or PC


For Harmony customers it is now easier than ever to keep and eye on what is going on in the business. You can follow any object in the system to receive email alerts when anyone makes, or updates, a post on that object.  That object could be a customer, project, lead, ticket, opportunity, quote, order, purchase, schedule, invoice, product, employee or an asset. You select those key objects with which you need to keep up-to-date and when something happens, you will know about it straight way.

To make this work even better for our customers, we have now released a live feed which will consolidate all your posts into one, easy-to-access list.

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Client and project profitability analysis

The holy grail of business analysis is client profitability reporting. How much money are you actually making from each of your client accounts?

In order to deliver this view we obviously need revenue less any direct costs to produce a gross margin view, so far so simple.  However, the challenge comes with the allocation of overheads to each client.

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Re-working the WORM - centralised and shared organisational data

What does WORM mean when it’s related to data (as opposed to it’s old use relating to drives). Well it means the same thing, Write Once Read Many, but now the applicability relates to centralised and shared organisational data.

How many customer lists do you have? Typically, we see them contained in your CRM system, your accounting system, your service desk system, your timesheet system and the list can go on...

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Improvements to purchase orders

Release 1.48 contains such significant improvements to the management of purchasing we thought it a good topic to blog about.

Process Changes

Harmony still allows you to model multiple purchase orders and PO lines against a single sales line (or item) in any currency you wish, but in addition, it now allows you to switch suppliers after the sales order is released making competitive pricing much easier.

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