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Running a successful PSA implementation

  • 4 minute read

There are many hurdles to overcome when selecting the right PSA tool for your organisation, including getting buy-in from the team.

But, in many respects, the problems really begin when you start to implement the system.

Like ERP, there are many failed PSA implementations out there.

We're not necessarily saying the software is not being used, but failed in terms of the benefits case that drove the decision to buy. This is a significant undertaking, both in terms of people’s time and also cost, so take a few minutes to think through how you are going to achieve a successful project that delivers the maximum benefit from the software you have chosen.

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Part Five: Why do PSA implementations fail?

  • 2 minute read
Avoiding Implementation Failure: Summary

So in this last blog in the series, I’ll summarise the core reasons for implementation failure and how to avoid it.

The previous posts in this series covered the four main corners of failure:

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Part Four: Why do PSA implementations fail?

  • 2 minute read
Reason 4: Ambition

The fourth major cause of PSA implementations failing is actually being too ambitious.

The sales process will have set you up to fail if you’re not careful. And, worse, you may have pitched this story internally, setting your ambition in stone with your boss.

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Part Three: Why do PSA implementations fail?

  • 2 minute read
Reason 3: Data

The third major cause of PSA implementations failing is poor data.

Why data? That should be the simple bit.

Well there are two aspects of data to consider in your PSA plan:

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Part Two: Why do PSA implementations fail?

  • 3 minute read
Reason 2: Engagement

The second major cause of PSA implementations failing is insufficient engagement.

A PSA system changes people’s lives, hopefully for the better. Irrespective, it will certainly change your employees’ working practices and to succeed, they all need to be engaged, to varying degrees.

This is a serious commitment, one to be entered into with a clear vision of the end-point in mind.

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Part One: Why do PSA implementations fail?

  • 2 minute read
Reason One: Software still catching up with changing business needs

This is the first in a series of blog posts about implementation failures and how to avoid them.

ERP implementation failures became endemic (almost apocryphal) during the 90s and onwards as expansion in the adoption of business software reduced prices. The driver for this was the change from bespoke instances (all with significant localisation code changes), to a more configuration-based commoditised offering.

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Migrating between PSA tools

  • 2 minute read

For followers of the PSA suppliers to MSP market, there is an interesting ongoing row between one of the large established suppliers and a simplified challenger product, part of a mature RMM business.

As part of that argument, they are swapping blows on the challenges of migration between PSA tools, an interesting topic and one of relevance to anyone tired of using a legacy PSA tool.

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Common PSA implementation pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • 3 minute read

We are often approached by companies who have failed to implement PSA solutions, not once, but sometimes two or even three times in the past.  That made me wonder whether there are common threads that may help prevent others following that path, wasting time and money on an abandoned implementation.  The following are the four most common pitfalls we see in getting a PSA solution working correctly.

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Professional Services Automation: The 5 golden rules for PSA success

  • 3 minute read

Implementing a Professional Services Automation / PSA solution is a serious decision.  Get it right and it will transform your business, providing efficiency, clarity and visibility across everything.  Get it wrong and it can prove an expensive, frustrating and time consuming distraction away from making money.

The stakes are high, so how do you improve your chances of the outcome being the positive one you dreamed of?

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