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6 PSA requirements for a MSSP

This year a new acronym has grown in common parlance: MSSP, short for Managed Security Services Provider.

This seems to have arrived from the trend in “Security as a Service” to replace the security consultants equivalent of break/fix, where they move in once everything is already in deep trouble.

The functions these firms offer cover round-the-clock monitoring and management of intrusion detection systems and firewalls, overseeing patch management and upgrades, performing security assessments and security audits, and of course, at the end if the protection service has failed, responding to emergencies and cleaning up the mess.

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4 key requirements for migrating your business to service contracts

As an MSP moving away from break/fix into service contracts, what are the top four considerations for buying a PSA tool to make that move successful?

For 30 years, MSPs have used software that was optimised for break/fix operation. From the ticket workflows and billing methods to the customer reporting, these ticket-centric systems did exactly what was needed.

But now the world is changing as managed services replaces break/fix as an operating model.

So, if you are on this journey (and you should be), what are the key requirements you should look for in your PSA tool and why?

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Improved Prepayments

Since we started talking to MSP’s, the topic of prepaid time and materials comes up as a recurring theme.  Everyone has their own unique flavour of prepaid contract, many even consider this their USP.

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Does deferred revenue matter to MSPs?

Deferred revenue, for those not familiar with the phrase, refers to revenue you have invoiced but not earned yet, basically you haven’t completed the work but you have raised the invoice. Now, ISV’s know all about deferred revenue as they frequently invoice software support fees for multiple accounting periods in advance.  They know it is important not to show income spikes when raising invoices that may cover a year’s support fees.

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What lies at the heart of your business?

Whether you’re part of a managed service provider (MSP), an independent software vendor (ISV) or a pure professional services business it’s good to consider what lies at the heart of your business so you can focus on making it better.

When asked, most technology related businesses would probably claim that knowledge lies at their heart.  They are passionate about what they do and rightly proud of the expertise they are able to bring to bear to solve customer problems and deliver results.

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Why ISVs need PSA software

We talk to a lot of technology companies, different ones every day, both here, in the US and as far afield as Australia.  Since we began this journey with Harmony, a discernable pattern is emerging that seemed worth sharing.

Many of the companies contacting us are MSPs, they know they need software to run their businesses and, more importantly perhaps, they realise that they neither have the time nor the desire to write their own software.

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New Features to Streamline Billing for MSPs

The debate continues to rage as to whether managed services providers should develop price-per-user or price-per-device business models. With the increased usage of BYOD, and the proliferation of tablets and smart phones being used alongside laptops and desktops, many MSPs are leaning towards pricing per user rather than device.  However, whichever model is preferred; the variable nature of volume based pricing can make accurate monthly billing a headache. We have been working with a number of MSPs to model their businesses to ensure that Harmony works to help MSPs maximise monthly recurring revenues through intelligently streamlined billing processes.

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