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How to build a business case for a PSA solution

I’ve written before about the business case for buying an enterprise Professional Services Automation / PSA tool, but not about how to go about building such a case. So, that’s today’s challenge, to tell you how to build your own business case for an integrated solution for the control of your technology or consulting business.

Clearly, I’m partisan. As I sell HarmonyPSA, the points I’m making revolve around the end to end completeness of Harmony. However, in the spirit of fairness, please use these points to build the case of other business software: just adjust them to suit the scope of the solution you are considering. (And then add Harmony into the mix to make sure you’re not short changing yourselves!).

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Exciters: small can be beautiful

What are exciters?
Well, in our world, they are small discrete items functionality that solve tiny but really useful gaps, or close really annoying gaps in the system.  Find someone who has lost money because of one of these gaps and you can make a sale just on that feature alone.
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Implementing Professional Services Automation - Where to start?

Implementing an all-in-one management system which will touch every part of your business is a daunting prospect.  However, with careful planning, and the right support from your vendor, it is possible to make it a smooth transition from current systems and to reap some real business benefits in the early stages of integration.
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Improved Prepayments

Since we started talking to MSP’s, the topic of prepaid time and materials comes up as a recurring theme.  Everyone has their own unique flavour of prepaid contract, many even consider this their USP.

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Time to re-engineer your IT business?

The Holy Grail of business process re-engineering is STP (Straight-Through-Processing) underpinned by the principle of building in quality rather than relying on inspection to deliver low processing error rates.  Put another way, using an emerging phrase of relevance to growing businesses of any size, this approach is sometimes summarised as “high-volume, light-touch processing married to low-volume, high-touch exception management”.

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Do you need to integrate your CRM?

One question we are frequently asked is “does Harmony integrate with any CRM tools?”  The answer we give is “No”.  We have not built interfaces to any CRM software, instead we built CRM inside Harmony.

Now, this was not done simply because we like writing software and had nothing better to write, we did it because it makes the whole process far more effective if your CRM tool and your professional services automation (PSA) tool are one and the same.

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Professional Services Automation: At what stage of my business growth should I invest in a PSA system?

In order to grow your IT business you need the right business management systems in place to allow for growth. Without the right systems you may find it hard to stay on top of your financial position, inefficiencies in communication between parts of the business may grow and errors may occur as a result of manual data handling. A good Professional Services Automation solution (PSA), or business management system, will allow you to get organised, manage your tickets, timesheets and resource allocation, enable clear communication across all your staff, reduce errors and, most importantly, give you the information you need to put you in control of every part of your business.

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Professional Services Automation: The 5 golden rules for PSA success

Implementing a Professional Services Automation / PSA solution is a serious decision.  Get it right and it will transform your business, providing efficiency, clarity and visibility across everything.  Get it wrong and it can prove an expensive, frustrating and time consuming distraction away from making money.

The stakes are high, so how do you improve your chances of the outcome being the positive one you dreamed of?

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5 impediments to business growth (and how to get over them...)

Your business is successful, you have sorted your pricing and your customers love the products and/or services you deliver.  The market, both domestically and abroad is primed for exploitation and growth, so what will stop you making the most of opportunity?  What can possibly go wrong?

Many businesses, in particular tech businesses, will one day face a fork in the road.  Although they have operated very well at a small scale, they find that once the offering is right and take-up is strong, they are simply not equipped for success.

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Beyond Professional Services Automation – Are new breed PSA systems are changing business?

It’s hard to stay on top of data stored in more than one place. Valuable time is wasted cross referencing and data integrity is difficult to maintain. A PSA solution puts all your sales, service desk and billing data in one place, allowing automated, standardised processes that can grow with your company. Everyone has access to current customer data. Everyone is an expert.

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