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PSA accounting integration

One of the commonest questions we get asked is “What accounting integration do you support?” or “Does it integrate with XYZ?”

The answer is, regrettably, not a simple one.  However, with that lack of simplicity comes the flexibility for our customers to adopt one of a range of different accounting integration solutions to suit their needs.  Also, we have made each option as simple to adopt as possible, allowing customers to increase their level of integration over time alongside their increasing confidence and at each stage derive additional benefits.

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Technological innovation enables growth of micro-multinationals and spawns a new breed of PSA software to help them grow

We talk to all kinds of technology businesses, large or small, and it’s surprising how many of them turn out to be quite complex under the covers.

One complexity we come up against more often than we expected is small businesses that operate in many countries, they’re micro-multinationals (MMN’s) and they’re on the increase.

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Why not write your own PSA solution?

We talk to many ISV’s (software developers) and often the topic of them writing their own solution comes up.

Even I have to admit this idea is very tempting, after all, you write software for your customers, you know what you’re doing.  It should be simple to knock-up a PSA solution that is perfectly designed for your business, not a compromise package that leaves you frustrated and still using spreadsheets.  With all that open-source code out there, system build is getting significantly cheaper and quicker, this should be easy.

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Beyond Professional Services Automation – Are new breed PSA systems are changing business?

It’s hard to stay on top of data stored in more than one place. Valuable time is wasted cross referencing and data integrity is difficult to maintain. A PSA solution puts all your sales, service desk and billing data in one place, allowing automated, standardised processes that can grow with your company. Everyone has access to current customer data. Everyone is an expert.

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Cloud MSP billing solutions


The market for cloud computing is on fire in the US.  A recent article in MSP Today claimed that in the US, IAAS (infrastructure as a service) is growing at over 40% CAGR between 2001 and 2016.  That’s amazing growth in anyone’s books.

However, the move to the cloud has not seen the death of the MSP market, far from it.  While the traditional and localised break-fix supplier business may be flat-lining or on the decline, customers are finding out that simply moving their business to the cloud does not solve all their problems, it merely puts them somewhere they can’t see.

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Do I need a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool?

PSA software is designed for service-oriented organizations needing to automate their processes and streamline their operations, increasing control and visibility of billing, administration, service delivery and new business generation. PSA software is essentially enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for professional services firms. However, it’s focused primarily on the management of services delivered through human resources, rather than tangible assets.

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Defining your PSA software needs

A crucial part of your journey to selecting and implementing a PSA system into your business is the definition of your functional requirements.  To help with this process we have defined seven key stages of growth and outlined functional capabilities required at each stage.  First, identify your stage of growth and then use our Capability Map as a functional checklist.

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