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Amazing Integrations #6 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to Slack

Hi Everyone

This latest integration we will be taking you through is a cracker; attaching Harmony to Slack to:

    • Let teams know when new tickets have been created
    • Let the assigned person know when a customer responds updates a ticket by adding a comment/email
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Thoughts on SITS16

Well,  SITS is over for another year, so it’s time to consider the show and its outcomes.

Overall, to our minds, it was not as busy as last year, in particular on the second day, which was noticeably quieter. Did thoughts of Brexit or the European football championship keep people away I wonder?

The big players in the corporate service desk world were all there with impressive stands, but many quite large channel software vendors had only small stands which, like ours, were scattered round the edges.  As these two markets are quite distinct, it may be better if they are segregated next year so that MSPs can circulate in the channel zone to find what is on offer more easily.

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HarmonyPSA at SITS16

HarmonyPSA is targeted at a number of verticals within the technology sector, but with SITS16 only a few weeks away, we thought we’d write a blog specifically highlighting the features we have designed to help MSPs manage their businesses without getting buried in administration and finance tasks.

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Azure in Open Licensing

As from the 1st August Microsoft Partners can now buy Azure in Open Licensing.  Prior to this change, there were just two options for purchasing Azure and through the Azure web site or as part of an Enterprise Agreement (EA). The two options available provided no value for Microsoft partners as they were unable to have a direct billing relationship with their customers. With the new Open Licensing option, partners can now buy vouchers which they sell onto their customers, managing the billing and service relationship directly.

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Using Filestream with SQL Server and Fluent NHibernate

Storing large images and files in a SQL database can make it very large very fast, it will fill up your server and make backing up unwieldy. SQL Server 2008+ has a storage option called Filestream, where large binary files are stored in a folder on your regular hard drive rather than directly in the database, so we thought we'd have a shot at implementing it. Since we use NHibernate with Fluent mapping, it would have to play nicely with that, and as there didn't seem to be a lot of information out there for that specific case, it seemed to warrant a blog post.

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Why we are using Git and GitHub for Harmony

WARNING! Techie post!

When Harmony was originally written we were using Subversion for our source control system.
We had been using this as a company for years and we were very familiar with it. However, it was giving us a fair amount of pain, particularly around managing branching and merging. I know we weren't the only ones...

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